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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people possess a deep sense of spirituality - through their history, moral codes and culture. Our school melds and extends these with Catholic values, beliefs and spirituality.

As part of our School Renewal Cycle we are asking all staff, students and parents what is important in a graduate from St Michael's Catholic Primary School and how we can update our school values, vision and mission statement. We hope to have our new statement refined and up by 2018. Our first draft 2017: (Subject to change)


St Michael's Catholic Primary School nurtures a learning community which strives to live with honour and respect, recognising identity and fostering love in the image of Christ.


Our Previous mission statement was unpacked by staff and community under the four dimensions of Faith and Mission, Teaching and Learning, Community and Strategic Direction.

Gospel values provide a framework for learning and living at St Michael’s School. We practise this by maintaining a close school / parish relationship, a commitment to religion and in the service to the community of Palm Island.  St Michael’s School aims to provide a structured environment where students and staff live and learn together in productivity and harmony through culturally appropriate, relevant, progressive opportunities based upon the Australian Curriculum.  We involve the community in the development of the students’ education and school to participate in the community events or celebrations.  We are developing a collaboratively designed master plan that effectively caters for all aspects of school life and supports students in reaching their full potential.

St Michael's Historical Mission Statement

St Michael’s School within the Catholic tradition, serves the Palm Island Community.  Indigenous spiritual values combine with the teachings of Jesus to create a Christian environment which permeates the life of the school.

The Christian and Indigenous values of sharing and respect for family life are intimately interwoven and find expression in our relationships and Aboriginality.

We strive to develop and follow a school based programme which focuses on each child, encouraging each one to become compassionate, confident and capable of contributing to their community, culture and the life of the church.