St Michael's Catholic School
Palm Island


St Michael’s School has an established Cultural program. It was started in 2000 and has been developed ever since. The aim of this program is to help and maintain our cultural heritage through passing this important knowledge onto our children.

This program was originally set up by our local parish elders and developed by many Indigenous staff who worked at St Michael’s School over the years. It is an ongoing program that was embedded in our community school for all students both Indigenous and non-indigenous. Fundamental to this is the passing on of important morals of respect to enable students to gain understanding for themselves and their children’s future, to learn the key importance of culture heritage.  Students take ownership, pride, respect, spiritual beliefs, lore and knowledge and understanding, as they grow older. These skills are developed for life.

We understand the importance of supporting students extending their learning of one’s traditional culture and fundamental heritage, as taught by parents, elders and extended families members. Our Community school has been committed to engaging with elders, parents, organisations and multicultural workshops in and out of the school environment. We always strongly support cultural activities both in and outside the school and within the wider community. We strive to create an environment that leads to a more effective community, through participation in community celebrations and events that actively encourage our traditional cultural protocols and practices.

Our cultural programs begin from many areas included in our school curriculum throughout each grade. We strive to work together with other schools and community based organisations and encourage local traditional people who live in our community and who still practice their traditional customs and share their knowledge with our school, which leads to more effective community engagement. 

We embrace the very sacred foundation of our culture into the school community and the wider community in general so that everyone can benefit from our cultural heritage.


Principal: Mrs Tess Fong

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