St Michael's Catholic School
Palm Island

Learning Engagement Policy

Our guiding factor with all behaviour is learning engagement.  With RESPECT being underpinned by Gospel Values we guide our students to use appropriate social behaviour in our 'Learning Engagement Policy'.  This aligns to the Townsville Catholic Education Guidelines based upon The National Safe School's Framework, Kids Matters Indigenous Portal and the Kids Feel Safe Handbook.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

All students have the right to
  1. feel safe all of the time
  2. be treated with respect and love
  3. have a decent education
  4. learn in a caring and constructive environment
  5. to be listened to when asked to speak
All students have the responsibilities for
  1. Treating others with RESPECT and creating a safe environment by
    a) controlling your own language (being positive)
    b) controlling your own actions (being friendly)
    c) Ensuring you are ready to learn constructively (hands, body, mind)
  2. Being caring towards others (Christian Values)
  3. Listening to others (Dignity - respect others)

    Like a boomerang you have to throw it out to get it back!

    Classroom Rules 

    Teachers / Teacher Aides and Staff are at St Michael’s School for you!

    We will show Respect to
    • God – by having Christian Values and manners
    • Myself – by being on time, ready to start, happy to learn
    • Others – by being friendly, caring, sharing
    • Environment – by looking after our classroom and its belongings
    We are Responsible for
    • Listening
    • Participating
    • Taking Pride in our Effort
    • Doing our Best
    Our Rights
    • Everyone has the right to learn
    • Everyone has the right to be safe

    Appropriate Behaviour - Consequences

    Students receive recognition with a Green Card, student is supported by coming to the office and praise of work and or behaviour provided by administration staff along with a Too Deadly Slip (for Friday Too Deadly Assembly with award winners being drawn weekly).

    Inappropriate Behaviour - Consequences

    1. Verbal warning  (Stop, Look, Listen : remind students to be on task)
    2. Visual and Verbal warning: name on board {warning area} (Second reminder to be on task)
    3. Cross against name on board {warning area} (Third reminder to be on task)
    4. Reflection Sheet - either in Class or Buddy Class for up to 20 minutes (Student to complete set work and a reflection sheet)
    5. Yellow Card (sent to the administration office + missing 10 minutes of playtime at lunch) time out completing reflection sheet and discussing behaviour with administration along with support and guidance to change antisocial behaviours and ensure that other students are provided an opportunity to get on with learning in class.
    Upon Returning to Class

    If inappropriate behaviour continues or if a student displays inappropriate behaviour of a serious nature (swearing at teacher/aides, fighting, etc...) a Red Card [incident report] will be Completed by Teacher / Aide and matter dealt with by administration (contact office by phone)

    Student's who require continual guidance to improve behaviour may be requiring behaviour contracts for set periods of time to assist them experiencing success in the classroom environment.

    St Michael’s Classroom Behaviour Guidance Weekly Checklist


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    Principal: Mrs Tess Fong

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